How to Convert Video to iPad?



Good news for iPad fans! As excellent video conversion software, Easy Video Switch has the function of converting video to iPad, including the newest iPad 2. The output quality is well maintained and ultra-fast batch conversion enables you to enjoy high-resolution video on iPad’s big screen.


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Step 1. Input Video Files


Click “Add” and 3 ways can be applied to add video file: “Add Files” is for one or more video files; “Add Folder” is for the folder containing video files; “Add Folder Tree” is for the folder along with its subfolders. To delete them from the list by “Remove”/”Clear”.

Tips: All the files will be listed in order of input by default. If you need to arrange the files in order, just use the “Up” & “Down” buttons to move it up and down in the list.


Input Video Files


Step 2. Set Output Format & Quality


In “Profiles” menu, select the device you want to play the video on and you can see the details of the profile you select in the “Option Summary” panel at the right. If you know exactly the format your device supports, you can directly choose the output format in “Container” menu. To edit the parameters of the profiles, click “New/Edit” and change the settings in the “Profile Editor” Window. You are allowed to choose the video and audio codec as well as the encoder to use. To change the codec settings, click “Video and Audio Options” and set the options as you want. Choose output path by “Browse”.


Set Output Format & Quality


Step 3. Start Conversion


When all settings done, click “Start” to start video conversion.


Start Conversion


More Tools


More Tools


To download videos from 300+ video sharing wesites, click “Video Downloader” tab.

You are also allowed to trim the video by “Trim” and to apply effects and add delays, click “Effects” and “Delays”.

It also allows you to rip DVD-Video. Just insert you video DVD or Blu-ray disc and click “DVD Ripper” tab to use the ripper.

Click “Tools” button and you will find more functions that may come helpful: File Info, Dub Video, Video to GIF and Watermark.

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