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Waveform Editing Interface Menu consists of four parts:

Waveform Display


Waveform Display is the area where you view your audio material. There are many mouse operations available in the Waveform Display for selecting data:

Left-click anywhere in the waveform and you will change the position of the playback cursor.

With stereo waveforms, position the mouse pointer at the top or bottom of the Waveform Display (the cursor will acquire L or R letter) and left-click to enable only the left or right channel for editing (the disabled channel will ray-out, another left-click on the disabled channel to re-enable it.

Left-click and drag in the waveform display to make a selection.

Double left-click in the waveform display to select the entire visible portion of the waveform (when zoomed in this does not select unseen areas which may be to the right or left).

Right-click to create, extend or shorten a selection. The selection will extend or shorten the currently selected range up to the specified point, or stem from the cursor position if there is no existing selection.

Display Range Bar

Display Range Bar

Green Display Range Bar on the top of the Waveform Display Window indicates which part of the entire waveform is currently being viewed in the Waveform Display. When zooming in or out, this bar will get smaller or larger, as the portion being viewed changes with respect to the entire waveform or session.

Left-click and drag the Green portion of the bar to scroll forward or backward in time. As with dragging in the Time Ruler, the zoom level is retained, only the viewing range is altered.

Amplitude Ruler

Amplitude Ruler

Amplitude Ruler measures the relative volume of audio data. In Waveform View, the ruler's display format can be set to either Samples (exact sample value of the data), Decibels or as a Normalized Value (-100 to 100).

Use right-click on the amplitude ruler to set the format and to show or hide Amplitude Ruler

Time Ruler

Time Ruler

Time Ruler shows the current location at any point in the waveform display. The time markings are subdivided into more detail when zoomed in, and less detail when zoomed out.

Use right-click on the Time Ruler to set the Time Ruler format (Decimal or Samples) and to show or hide Time Ruler.